La Paresse


"This summer, I made myself very small and I rediscovered my great shape. I danced, I spoke and I sang... I practiced laziness... I brought the motorboat into the middle of the lake several times and when I stopped everything, it was fantastic! My solo performance, La Paresse, is a bit of all that... When there's finally silence and it's you that happens... not the landscape! ..."

Between fiction and reality, La Paresse is an activist show where political questioning passes through the filter of intimacy via the "woman-country" equation. A colourful and surprising performance in which gestures, verbs and music transmute the banal into art, over the course of several metamorphoses.

By/With: Nathalie Derome / Scénography: Benoît Bourdeau / Costumes: Danielle Hébert / Music: Jean Derome