Dans le ring où tu boxes, stand-up poésie et musique à bout de bras


In your boxing ring, stand-up poetry and music at arm's length

Wandering through the networks of intimacy, everyone has their way of creating images. When poetry leaves its book to become embodied, the result is a theatrical heat wave all tangled up in sound and light. A backwards comedy with no tomorrow for our cynical times of sterile insights … there is singing, there is regret, there is scratching at the door, there is craziness, death, endless hurrying and hopping around!

With: Frank Martel et Luc Bonin / Texts: Frank Martel / Music: Luc Bonin et Frank Martel / Staging: Nathalie Derome / Scenography and accessories: Yvon Proulx / Costumes: Claudie Gagnon / Lighting: Louis-Pierre Trépanier / Sound: Nancy Taubin / Photos: Yan Giguère