Canada Errant (performance-fleuve)


The Middle Ages. The middle of our lives. We were almost 30 years old. We lived on about $500 a month and our university diplomas resided, alongside our press kits, at the bottom of our drawers. The sacrifice of a generation, an invisible era, Salvation Army keychains, the critical age when guts start untangling. The experience of hunger. Bread-and-butter jobs. Creation as an act of survival. No chorus line. We hate the army. We hate Rambo. We protest. We organize demonstrations: Marxists, Yin Yang, rhinoceros. We learn the tricks of the trade.

Canada Errant is a poetic fresco, a long work in progress which was created over two years. Bringing together nine performers from different disciplines, the show centres mainly around dance but humour and performance, in the most playful sense of these terms, also have a few things to say. This play is meant to be anti-spectacular, anti-didactic, but not anti-poetic. Philosophik + Politik = Poétik

By/with: Marie David, Richard Fortier, Nathalie Gauvin, Danielle Hébert, Gaétan Nadeau, Nathalie Derome / Directed by: Nathalie Derome / Music: François Martel, Benoît Bourdeau, Marc Leduc / Stage design: Benoît Bourdeau / Costumes: Danielle Hébert