Le passage secret

The Secret Passage (working title)

We have our work cut out for us, as a new production is taking shape. Started as a solo project during the pandemic (under the title What Are You Thinking About, Komolo?), The Secret Passage is now gaining momentum in the company of poet and musician Frank Martel, puppeteer Kristina Troske, actress Audrée Southière, playwright Amélie Dumoulin and interdisciplinary artist Nathalie Derome.

At the heart of this sonic, visual and poetic exploration is our work with shadows and paper puppets. The Secret Passage is a fantastical universe in which we explore the sensation of being simultaneously very small and very big, all the dimensions of the self that make us ONE among others. We translate this reality for children aged three years and up by putting adults onstage who haven’t seen time pass and still claim the richness and permanence of childhood, this very particular and poetic way of being a citizen of the world.

Last January, we benefited from a residency offered by Le Cube, an international centre for research and creation in theatre for children and youth. These two beautiful weeks of stage writing allowed us to move forward in leaps and bounds. Worth mentioning is the fact that we had inspiring visitors, including puppeteer Marcelle Hudon, who generously shared her passion with us and gave us a 2-day master class.

Keep following this great adventure!