Contributing to the teaching

The members of the Des mots d’la dynamite company suggest that the early childhood educators welcome them into their class for a 75-90 minute workshop-presentation. As makers of shows for children aged 18 months to 5 years, the company's artists wish to increase the future educators' awareness about their role in accompanying the toddlers to the show and the possibilities provided by the arts, in their daily work with the children. This workshop is meant as a site of free exchange, where all can contribute to enriching the discourse around the presence of art in the lives of toddlers.  

Discussions between artists and early childhood professionals have always been extremely enriching. Our respective experiences allow us to address subjects from different perspectives, coming from our own contexts. Though we've been rubbing shoulders with the toddler audience member for several years, we are not specialists in early childhood development. Our interventions in the preschool environment have nevertheless confirmed that our know-how and practice do contribute to the wellbeing of the children and complement the educators’ interventions in the field.

The presentation involves first showing excerpts of the shows, followed by a directed activity and ending with an open discussion.

Each meeting surprises us and offers us its share of beautiful moments!

Download an example of the presentation document, below this text. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to welcome us to your establishment!