Press excerpts for:

Slow Magic

Where I live

Scenes from a Tree

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mon(theatre) – 2016

"A third production conceived for kids directed by Nathalie Derome, Slow Magic inscribes itself in the continuity of the two previous works, Scenes from a Tree and Where I Live. Its form testifies to the same artisanal care and possesses a similar will to engage its audience in the mysteries of human existence. The set design is imbued with delicacy, minutia and humour, in addition to standing out by its refusal to be too simplistic."

Olivier Dumas
mon(theatre) – May 28, 2016

Le Devoir - 2016

"Playing with matter, transforming clay right before the children's eyes, Nathalie Derome and her two accomplices, Steeve Dumais and Anne-Françoise Jacques, propose an organic staging in which they allow the earth to speak. Set up on stage, they make themselves modellers of the raw material representing the beginning of the world."

Marie Fradette
Le Devoir - May 26, 2016