Magie lente /

Slow Magic

Là où j'habite /

Where I Live

Le Spectacle de l’arbre

Scenes from a Tree

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Onstage, three characters enter into dialogue. Through clay-based transformations, they let the Earth and Water speak and hatch a new cosmogony. Sound becomes pulsation, the ground unfolds, shapes appear and disappear. All the senses are called upon to celebrate the cycles of life.

The genesis of Slow Magic

"My father was a potter. In our family, dirt was rarely synonymous with uncleanliness. The soft smell of clay wafts through my first memories as a crawling toddler. With Slow Magic, I chose to return to this primitive and primordial material." — Nathalie Derome

Slow Magic is the company Des mots d’la dynamite's third work intended for very little ones and written with their collaboration. Magie lente / Slow Magic is available for programming. If you are interested in our shows for booking, please contact us!

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Bringing pre-schoolers to a show for the first time!
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Creators and cast: Developed and written by: Nathalie Derome and Steeve Dumais / Sound design: Anne-Françoise Jacques / Performers: Nathalie Derome, Steeve Dumais and Anne-Françoise Jacques / Creative team: Raymond Marius Boucher, Lucie Bazzo, Elinor Fueter / Technical director: Azraëlle Fiset.